Welcome to Hermitage Academy Parent Council.  The purpose of our site is to update parents on current matters and share information about Hermitage Academy which may be useful to the Parent Forum (if you’re a parent or carer with a child at Hermitage Academy then that’s you!) and others involved with the school.

The Parent Council members are as follows (2017/18 year groups).

S1 Reps – Nannette Clark, Andy Horrocks, Elizabeth Lambert
S2 Reps – Donna Hicks, Joanne O’Donnell, Tracey Niblock
S3 Reps – Gilan Burch, Sheena Wain (1 Vacancy)
S4 Reps – Stella Kinloch, Pamela Pettit, Val Reynard
S5 Reps – Jane Keightly, Anne Turner (1 Vacancy)
S6 Reps – Suzanne MacCallum (2 Vacancies)

Learning Support – Pamela Pettit
Supported Families – Donna Hicks

Chair – Stella Kinloch
Vice Chair – Anne Turner
Secretary – Joanne O’Donnell
Vice Secretary – Val Reynard
Treasurer – Sheena Wain

If you would be interested in finding out more about being a member of the Parent Council or to fill any of the vacancies, please contact us: